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"Discontent is the first necessity of progress.  Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I'll show you a failure."

    - Thomas Edison

Setting Goals - T. Robbins
Goal Setting 1 of 3 (Zig)
Goal Setting 2 of 3 (Zig)
Goal Setting 3 of 3 (Zig)

Goal Setting Videos

One of the best transitions into setting your goals immediately is to listen and see the experts. Watch these goal setting videos to inspire you to take action TODAY!

Setting Goals with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins will not only inspire you to set your goals, he'll actually take you through it one step at a time. Listen to this clip as he enthusiastically takes you through the importance and process of setting your goals.

Successful Goal Setting with Zig Ziglar

The Importance of Goal Setting 1 of 3

Goal Setting 2 of 3

Goal Setting 3 of 3

If you've managed to watch and listen to all of these videos in a row, there should be no doubt that you understand how important this first fundamental step is to your success.

Please don't leave this site until you have, at the very least, a scribble of your loftiest goals.

Naturally, I would love it even more if you had them written down and categorized with timelines. But . . . baby steps. You're on the Way!!!