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"Discontent is the first necessity of progress.  Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I'll show you a failure."

    - Thomas Edison

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They'll change the way you think. You'll change the way you live.

Laugh of the Week:
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Hilarious Phone Call.  A MUST!

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Laughter - Life's Prescription

How important is laughter and smiling? 

Try this - Put a big toothy smile on your face and now think of the most depressing thought in the world. Do not take that smile off your face while you think the thought. It's impossible!

laughter is the best medicineContrarily - hunch your shoulders, hang your head and frown. Now try to think a happy thought. Foiled again? Proof positive that not only do our minds control our actions, but our actions and body language also control our minds and thoughts.

What does all this mean to you?

Simply this - Don't wait until you're happy to laugh. Laugh now and make yourself happy - NOW! Make yourself healthier NOW! Tackle your challenges positively NOW! Start with a laugh!

Hold your head high, put your shoulders back, click a couple of our links and we challenge you NOT to crack a smile. Not only will you be happy and smiling, you'll now be positively charged to move through the rest of our site and change your life!

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Hilarious Videos

Hilarious Videos   Need a laugh? You've come to the right place. These videos will have you in stitches in a few short moments. Lots of medicine, same low price - FREE!.

Funny Clean Jokes

Funny CLEAN Jokes  Into jokes? Need a good one as an icebreaker, speech, or to simply amuse your friends? Start here. These are great!


This will have you doubled over! Absolutely Sidesplitting! Hilarious phone call describing an uncanny sequence of events following a minor car accident:

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