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"Discontent is the first necessity of progress.  Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I'll show you a failure."

    - Thomas Edison

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Business Opportunities

working from home success imageNow, more than ever, it’s vitally important to put your future in your hands.  Layoffs, firings, lack of appreciation, and unpredictability should be a thing of the past.  A properly executed business opportunity will put you in charge.

Do you really want to continue to “Sell ONE THIRD OF YOUR LIFE to another person or institution?”  Is that the statement you really want to make with your life?

We accumulated a pretty good list of business opportunities, including:

Remember – many of these opportunities and strategies are excellent and work – but ONLY if you do!


Inspirational Quotes

We’ve got’em and we’ve got’em good. Whether you’re looking for a quote of the day, a quote by author, or a quote by topic, we HAVE IT! Famous quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, or just plain funny – they’re here. Give it a CLICK.

Motivational Videos

You’ve just got to love the internet!! You don’t have to watch ROCKY I, II, III, and IV anymore! We have snippets, mini-movies, and true story videos that will move you like there’s no tomorrow. And they’re FREE!! Imagine that. Click HERE for more inspiration than you can possibly handle.


Wanna laugh? Or maybe you don’t want to, but know you need to – CLICK HERE for HILARIOUS VIDEOS or good, side-splitting CLEAN JOKES! It’s great for your health!!! It’s like a mini internal massage. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a good belly laugh. Happy people almost ALWAYS live longer and have a better journey along the way.

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