Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles - What Obstacles?

Growing up in Denver, Colorado I had the good fortune of enjoying some of the best skiing the country has to offer. I became an “okay” skier.

I learned some excellent life lessons on those slopes.

One afternoon I was skiing with some buddies on some pretty tough “black diamond” slopes. They were much better than me. I remember skiing down one slope in particular. As I was handling the moguls and sharp descent with as much skill as I could muster, one of my friends proceeded into the thick woods beside the slope and headed down the mountain.

When I breathlessly reached the bottom, he was waiting for me! Thinking that I had made it down the mountain pretty quickly, I was amazed that he had beaten me.

Knowing that I would have absolutely killed myself attempting the same stunt, I had to ask, “How in the world can you possibly ski through those trees so quickly?”

His response amazed me even more. He simply said, “It’s funny. I don’t really look at the trees at all. I look at the openings.”

Look for the trees and you’ll hit a tree – every time. The Law of Attraction at its simplest. You get what you focus on – invariably. See problems, you get problems. See opportunity, you get opportunity. Focus on a great life and happiness and you’ll get . . . .