Step 3: Take Action

You have a list of goals. You understand the Law of Attraction. You may even have a Mindmovie or Visionboard. Now what? Well you’re focused, you’re determined, it’s time to take action. In addition to reviewing your goals at predetermined times daily, with sensory rich focus, you must now get organized if you haven’t already.

There are several ways to organize your goals and put them to action. And since everyone is different, my advice would be to look at many of these articles, software reviews, and plans for achieving your goals. Pick the one that you feel would work the best for you.

I like organizing my goals into 5 major categories:

Financial, Emotional/Mental/Spiritual, Health and Fitness, Recreation, and Things. I categorize my goals under each of these rubrics and make positive statements as if I have already achieved each one. I also have a date for its achievement. For example: Under Financial, I may write: I am a billionaire – 12/31/2009. Under Health and Fitness, I may write: I am cut and weigh a muscular 185lbs. – 6/30/2009. Of course you will have many goal statements under each category. Under each of these I will write a paragraph on how it feels in sensory rich detail. Under the Billionaire goal, I may write, “I am no longer controlled by financial constraints. I am absolutely 100% FREE! I go where I want to, when I want to and how I want to. I don’t even think of money now because it is no object. When I see something I like, I buy it. When I want to go somewhere, I go. If I want to just relax and stay in bed, I do.” It feels great, doesn’t it? Look at those Mindmovies again. You’ve just got to do one. What a boost. It amazes me that Mindmovies doesn’t charge a greater fee. It’s worth thousands!!! They charge $47?!?!?!?

You can further break down each goal into steps and each step into daily activities. I keep a spreadsheet and checklist to ensure each day I am on track. Each day I review my progress and like Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computer, said in his commencement address - If at the end of the day I look in the mirror and can’t answer affirmatively that if today were my last day on earth, did I do exactly what I wanted to do? If this is answered negatively a couple days in a row, I change direction.

The point is – just do it. Stick to the plan. And you will stick to it and you will focus daily. You will achieve those goals. The Law of Attraction demands it. Not just of you, but of the Universe. Think about that. It’s not up to you. Well, it is and it isn’t. If you are doing your part and enriching your life with gratitude, positive thoughts, and consistent positive strides toward your goal, the Universe must deliver. It doesn’t have a choice just as gravity has no choice. It is a law, it has to respond as such and it will not fail. And neither will you!

Step 1: Go back to Going Crazy
Go Crazy. Don’t even think about things like categories, areas of achievement, and definitely about how you’re going to achieve them. Just start writing.
Step 2: Law of Attraction
A basic understanding and underlying belief in this all important universal principle is crucial to your success and goal achievement.