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"Discontent is the first necessity of progress.  Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I'll show you a failure."

    - Thomas Edison

3 Easy Steps
  1. Go Crazy
  2. Law of Attraction
  3. Take Action

Goal Setting and Life Planning

You wouldn’t have clicked on this link unless you thought goal setting was somewhat important. So, you don’t need me to reinforce that fact, you already know it.

setting goals key to success imageYou just need help with the hard part – where and how to begin.

What works?
What doesn’t?
What’s the right format?
Do I go big, do I go long?
How do I break it down?

Want to know the secret of successful goal setting? BEGIN! The rest is easy.

Start writing – right NOW! Adapt the mindset of a child and go crazy. Don’t worry about categories, organizing or HOW you will accomplish any of it. Just do it.

“Thanks a million!” You’re thinking. “I could’ve figured that out on my own. I need serious forms, advice, organization, and reinforcement.”

Okay. We get it. We've got all that and more! That’s why we’ve included it all right here. Click til your mind’s content and your heart swells and bursts with excitement (and information overload).

But seriously – before you click – BEGIN (writing that is) . . .

Set your Goals:  3 EASY Steps

STEP 1: Go Crazy
Go Crazy. Don’t even think about things like categories, areas of achievement, and definitely about how you’re going to achieve them. Just start writing.
Step 2: The Law of Attraction - Understand It!
A basic understanding and underlying belief in this all important universal principle is crucial to your success and goal achievement.
Step 3: Take Action
Organize your goals into easy-to-follow categories, steps, and daily to-do's. Once set - simply follow your plan.

More Tools

Goal Setting Videos
From Tony Robbins to Zig Ziglar - Watch these short FREE videos on goal setting. These videos are extremely entertaining and helpful.
Goals on Video (Mind Movies)
Law of Attraction, the Secret, Positive Affirmations, and Mind Movies. These videos will inspire and give you great ideas as you set your goals.
Goal Setting Articles
Still having trouble getting started. Read some tips from others.

Motivational Videos

You’ve just got to love the internet!! You don’t have to watch ROCKY I, II, III, and IV anymore! We have snippets, mini-movies, and true story videos that will move you like there’s no tomorrow. And they’re FREE!! Imagine that. Click HERE for more inspiration than you can possibly handle.