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"Discontent is the first necessity of progress.  Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I'll show you a failure."

    - Thomas Edison

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Gift so Small

Giving and Gratitude

Giving and Gratitude are two self-improvement topics that could easily be given their own page or site. I’ve decided to address these important topics together because they are truly symbiotic.

gratitude law of attraction imageWhen someone decides to give, the person they give to usually is gracious. Simultaneously, the fact the giver is giving usually means that they are gracious themselves, feel that they have been blessed, and can therefore share their blessings with others. In other words, giving breeds gratitude for the recipient and the giver.

Gratitude is a key ingredient in the Law of Attraction. When one feels gratitude on a regular basis they attract more of what they are feeling thankful for into their lives. Make it a practice to feel grateful wherever you are, in whatever circumstance you may find yourself, and no matter what obstacle you might face. This simple act will make all obstacles seem far less ominous as your perspective is better with an attitude of gratitude.

Giving is a blessing available to us all. Why does it always seem that the people with the least to give, give the most? Because it feels so great!! That’s why. Try it. Giving doesn’t require a huge sacrifice. Some of the most meaningful exchanges happen to be of the least value financially, but the most value emotionally.

Even the value of a simple smile to someone in need could be truly priceless. So, give a smile away. Usually when you do you’ll always get more back. The return on investment is huge!

A Gift so Small


Little Things by Zig Ziglar
The message is simple but clear: Be sensitive to the needs of others and remember the "little things" in life because they make big differences.

The Right Mental Attitude by Zig Ziglar
Giving doesn't require much. Sometimes all it takes is just empathy, understanding and the right attitude at the right time. Pay attention and look for opportunities to give these small gifts that cost YOU nothing.

Being Nice by Zig Ziglar
It's the little things husbands and wives do for each other on a regular basis, not the big things once or twice a year, that breed long-term, successful marriages and lots of honeymoons instead of just anniversaries.

Investing Yourself by Zig Ziglar
It’s amazing how much we can do for others when we invest a little of ourselves in them. That builds winning relationships because people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care . .

Pa-Zig-Ative Thinking
A little kindness, a little thoughtfulness, a little compassion, can really impact the life of another person. And it takes so little time and involves such a small investment. Yet real joy can be the outcome. Little things do make a big difference.


Giving - What's in it for You? (VIDEO)
Don't have anything to give? In this video watch how giving the smallest gift creates an unbelievable ripple. Incredibly inspirational TRUE STORY!!!

"Teddy" story told by Dr. Wayne Dyer (VIDEO)
Tear jerking story of a small gift exchanged by student and teacher that has life changing results.