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Positive Attitude

"Discontent is the first necessity of progress.  Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I'll show you a failure."

    - Thomas Edison

Positive Attitude

Having a Positive Mental Attitude

By: DB Coach1

Having a positive mental attitude is a good thing. It can help you get through tough times. One of the hardest things to do is keep that PMA when you don't feel anything positive going on around you. Here are some thoughts on how to have a positive attitude

For most of us we go through the everyday motions of life and take it as it comes. We either deal with it, or get help. Sometimes however we just feel down for one reason or another. Sometimes we can't even put a finger on what has us feeling down. Life is just one big drag. We feel like there is no end and this is all life has to offer. We blame other things for our unhappiness. We start to press or give up. We say to our self it will get better just be positive.

I have spent a lot of time reading about the laws of attraction, meditation, and intention manifestation. The common denominator in all my readings is belief. You must believe you will acquire the things you want. What is not the same is how to go about getting the belief. This is the hard part. I feel you must have some tangible successes every so often because you will not believe for long if things don’t start going in your favor. Even if they do, once they stop the doubts set in. You start to question your beliefs. Are they out of touch, are they unrealistic. If belief is god then doubt is the devil.

How do we keep doubt low while keeping belief high? When I feel like I am starting to doubt myself I start to look for anything positive. I might surf the Internet for some positive stories. This is a good way to get rid of doubts. You can always find something online to feel good about. Reading about positive things starts to put those types of thoughts back into your head and sub-conscious. Writing is another way to get into a positive frame of mind. When I feel like things are starting to get away I pull out a note pad and begin to write down something I want to change about my life. I don’t write it once or twice I fill up about 2 or 3 pages with positive thoughts.

The biggest key to having a positive attitude is action. We must do something to feel productive. Feeling productive is healthy for the mind. I started this blog as a way to take positive action. It helps me get my thoughts out. It gets my mind working. I keep the belief that one day my posting will have a positive effect on somebody. Here are a few affirmations I use from a book I read Total Self Confidence by Robert Anthony.

Everything I can possibly be is right this moment a part of my consciousness.

This moment I am prepared and equipped to accept my limitless potential.

My consciousness, with its clear correct knowing, produces the desires of my heart.

I am continually receptive to new ways and methods for my greatest good.

This day and every day moves smoothly for me because I am confident and efficient.

Having a positive attitude without taking action in my opinion is no good. As positive as you think, it will lead to nothing tangible. Those positive thoughts should be use to motivate you to take action. Do we become positive from action or does the thoughts lead us to take action. It’s probably different for each person. For me reading and writing positive things lead me to take action

By: DB Coach1

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